B2B Certified Vendors

In order to do any B2B transactions with vendors that are available in the chart below, you must request a B2B account with them. It may take up to 2 weeks for some vendors to set up your account and start creating B2B files for you. 
Web Services is an account with the vendor in addition to a B2B account, but you may request both accounts in the same account-setup request you send to the vendor.

In the table below, Certified indicates that the vendor does the specified type of transaction, if they do not have a Yes or Certified, that means either the vendor doesn't do that type of transaction, or their files do not work. If a vendor you are interested in using is not certified in a particular B2B transaction, invite them to contact us.  We'll work with them to help them accomplish this.  Then check this table for any status updates for that vendor, and, check back with the vendor.

For an explanation about each of the different types of B2B transactions (columns), click the More About B2B button at the bottom of this page.


**Vendor Offers B2B File Exchange for Canada
†Vendor that requires a customer public IP address.
§Vendor is now using the SFTP protocol (Idenified on the right side of the vendor)
⇒check know issues for updated information on "Not-Certified" vendors

Vendor Status Price List ImportPrice List Import Description
(832 file)
Send PO / AcknowledgmentSend PO description
(850/855 files)
Vendor InvoiceVendor Invoice description
(810 File)
Advance Shipping NoticeVendor Import description
(856 File)

Web ServicesWeb Services

Stock Check w/Quant (SCQ), Stock Check (SC), Related Items (RI), Order Status (OS), Price Check (PC)

21st Century Tile Certified        
Abraham Linc Certified        
Adleta Certified   Certified Certified SC, RI
All Tile/All Surfaces Certified  Certified  Certified    
American Olean Certified        
⇒Artistic Finishes  Not--Certified Not--Certified Not--Certified Not--Certified  
**Beaulieu Canada§ Certified        
Belknap White Group Certified Certified    Certified    
Bishop Certified Certified Certified    
⇒Blakely Products† Not--Certified        
BPI Certified Certified Certified   SC, RI
**Buckwold Western Certified       SC, RI
Certified Flooring Dis§ Certified        
DalTile Certified Certified  Certified  Certified   
Dixie Group Certified  V3 V3 V3  
Elias Wilf Corp Certified       SC, RI
**Emser Tile§ Certified Certified Certified    
**Engineered Floors§ Certified Certified Certified Certified SC
Florida Tile Certified        
FlorStar Tile Certified        
Hank's Specialties† Certified        
Happy Floors§ Certified Certified       
Herregan Certified Certified      SC, RI
Interceramic Certified Certified       
International Wholesale Tile Certified  Certified   Certified      
Jaeckle Certified Certified   Certified    SC, RI 
JJ Haines/Wheeler§ Certified Certified  Certified   SC 
Karndean§ Certified   Certified        
Louisville Tile Certified Certified Certified Certified SC, RI
LW Flooring Certified        
Mannington Mills§ Certified Certified  Certified  Certified   
**Metropolitan Certified        
**Mohawk§ Certified  Certified  Certified Certified  SCQ, RI
MSI Certified Certified      
**Nourison Certified        
NRF Dist Certified        
Ohio Valley Flooring Certified   Certified   SCQ, SC, RI
Pacific Mat† Certified   Certified    
RA Siegel Certified   Certified  Certified   
Radio Distributing† Certified        
Readers Wholesale Certified        
**Shaw§ Certified Certified Certified Certified  SCQ, SC, RI, OS
**SOCI Certified        
**Surface Art§† Certified        
T&A Supply† Certified   Certified     
Tingle Flooring† Certified       SC, RI 
Tri-West Certified        
United Tile§ Certified Certified       
Viking Distributors Inc Certified        
**Virginia Tile Certified  Certified       SC, RI 
Wm M Bird Certified Certified Certified  Certified  SC, RI


More About B2B

QFloors tests that all these vendor files are compliant with the rules of the B2B technology. If a vendor is not certified and you would like to do B2B with them, invite them to contact us. We will work to help them become certified. 

If you have any questions feel free to contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 801-563-0140