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General Information

Known Issues

  • (8/2021) B2B hard-surface PO resulting in split lines on the Vendor Invoice / matching to PO –  sometimes your distributor will assign multiple inventory items to one PO #.  The software that your distributor is using sends a Vendor Invoice that has one Invoice line for each inventory item assigned, even though there is only one PO #. This makes it impossible for QFloors to automatically match the Vendor Invoice line to that PO. When you import such an Invoice, a popup message will indicate this situation, and ask “Should QFloors change the Original Quantity on the PO to match this bill?” You will respond “No”, and then manually check to make sure the quantities on all the split lines for the product on the Vendor Invoice match the total quantity on the original Purchase Order for that product. If they do, no further action is necessary.     
  • 3/16/2022: a known issue of slowness when launching QFloors, based on catalog file content.

 B2B Information

Contact Name: 
Contact Phone:502-479-9346
Contact Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
How to request B2B credentials: B2B Request: send to contact email address
Docs to Trade: Price Catalog, PO/Acknowledgment, Vendor Invoice,  Advance Shipping Notice
B2B Server:
Vendor ID: LTD400
Vendor Qualifier: zz
Vendor Offers B2B File Exchange for Canada: No


Web Services Information

Services Available: Stock Check, Related Items
Web Services:  API Key & Secret Key sent privately by Vendor
Client Id: CMUSER
End Point:

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