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General Information

  • fcB2B organization member
  • very quick PO Acknowledgment response - use Real-Time
  • be sure not to mix hard surface and soft surface products on the same PO

Known Issues

These are known, Shaw-sourced issues - please work with them. (1/2022)

  • 1/2023--a random connection issue to the: (if a connection message appears, just re-try the B2B operation again). 
  • 2/1/2022--New Shaw B2b Server protocol is moving to SFTP
  • Ship Complete / Ship Partial – if there is only one line on the PO, the "status" that is returned is "Ship Partial", even though everything was shipped.    
  • 9999.99 / 1111.11 price – On a PO Acknowledgments you may see 9999.99 or 1111.11 prices - the price you sent on the PO was not available, Shaw does not have price agreements for their Shaw Contract commercial styles. If you are set up to purchase Shaw Contract styles, you will see these generic prices.      
  • Hard surface orders go to back order status, even though inventory is showing on Shaw's website.     
  • In-Stock Carpet ETA field is updating with the shipment date, not the receiving date     
  • Backordered Carpet - may be in stock (showing in inventory) - call and clarify PO     
  • "Related Items" Web Service inquiry is presently only for hard-surface items.       And, Shaw has encountered a coding issue that is affecting "Related Items".   A query may return an erroneous "0" quantity.  
  • "Default ShipTo address was not found" - when setting up your account with Shaw please select the FOB that you typically use when ordering from Shaw. Do not leave the "Default FOB"  as "Default".
  • "Vendor Sent Undefined Status" - error in the Acknowledgement from Shaw     
  • Invoice and Purchase Order not syncing - if you use the electronic Purchase Order process through QFloors, then the Invoice from Shaw is supposed to automatically sync to the corresponding Purchase Order.     
  • Future shipment date:  Finalize PO > Shipping options > Shipment Date > input the date you want it released.   "Shipment Date" initiates a code that Shaw recognizes as the "Requested Ship Date", and this should not trigger a "back order status" in QFloors.     Do not select "Hold Shipment Until".     
  • Be sure not to send hard surface and soft surface products on the same PO     
  • Acknowledgments can be erroneously rejecting POs requires Shaw to remove incorrect Acknowledgment, and re-send a correct one... Happens randomly and is unsure why.      
  • Vendor Invoice: Shaw may send a bill through B2B that contains over 200 lines in the file, but the paper copy the customer receives contains a lot less (between 3-5 maybe). QFloors only allows about 150 lines on a bill. In our latest version, it will give them a message saying, "QFloors can only import 150 bill lines at one time. This Vendor Bill has 200 lines. Find an online or paper copy of this bill and input it manually using auto fill PO number feature if each line needs to match to a PO in QFloors. You may need to split the bill into two separate bills in QFloors or manually reduce the number of lines." (4/2021)
  • PO Character Limit: Shaw only allows 12 characters for PO numbers. B2B standard is 22 but for some reason, Shaw only allows for 12. If you send a PO to Shaw that contains more than 12 characters for the PO number, it will be cut off.

B2B Information

Contact Name: 
Contact Phone: 8004417429  
Contact Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
How to request B2B credentials: B2B Request: send to contact email address
Docs to Trade: Price Catalog  -  PO  - Acknowledgment - Vendor Invoice
B2B Server: (SFTP)
Vendor ID: 45840055
Vendor Qualifier: 01
Vendor Offers B2B File Exchange for Canada: Yes

Web Services Information

Services Available: Stock Check, Stock Check with Quantity, Related Items, Order Status
Web Services: API Key & Secret Key sent privately by Vendor
Client Id: QFloors
End Point:

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