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General Information

Known Information

  • Product / related/accessory items – naming sometimes does not match the Price / Product Catalog  nor sample racks, making it difficult to select the correct product to order.

Workaround, via Web Services -on invoice line for the accessory item, input the main product Style and Color. Double-click either the Style or the Color box. In the resulting popup box, on the right side, select “Related Items”. Another window opens with a list of possible related/accessory items. Double click on your selection, and the description field (left) side auto-populates. Finally, select “Update Invoice” at upper right corner. Result: the invoice line for the related/accessory item auto-populates.

 Non Web Services workaround for main products & related/accessory items - go to Ohio Valley’s website (, find the SKU for the product /item you want, then manually enter that SKU on the invoice line in the Style box, preceded by a "?" (without the quote marks).

B2B Information

Contact Name: Eric Appleby
Contact Phone: 513-527-9584
Contact Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
How to request B2B credentials: B2B Request: send to contact email address
Docs to Trade: Price Catalog, Vendor Invoice
B2B Server: 
Public IP address is required: No
Vendor Qualifier: ZZ
Vendor Offers B2B File Exchange for Canada: No

Web Services Information

Services Available: SC, RI, SCQ
Web Services:  API Key & Secret Key sent privately by Vendor
Client Id: CMUSER
End Point:

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