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General Information

  • Dancik manufacturer software
  • Sister company to Tom Duffy


Known Issues

  • BR Funsten implemented a new technology system and are currently working on the full implementation in order to fulfill all of their customer requests.  The company's QFloors Certification is on hold. (9/24/19)
  • 1. B.R. Funsten--likely out until Fall of 2020.
    2. They can take PO request by email/fax
    3. CSV files for import (spreadsheet format)
    4. They can take invoices by email
    5. They have an online ordering site
    6. Acknowledgments will/can be sent through email
    7. If any of their customers use a CCA Group, they have a gateway
     that appears to be functional in order to receive information
    8. They have sent an email to all of their customers with the above information.


B2B Information

Contact Name: Tori Alejo
Contact Phone: 209-824-7127
Contact Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Information you will need when contacting: none
Docs to Trade: Price Catalog  -  PO  - Acknowledgment - Vendor Invoice
B2B Server:
Vendor ID: tdc400
Vendor Qualifier: ZZ


Web Services Information

Services Available: None
Web Services: API Key & Secret Key sent privately by Vendor 
Client Id: CMUSER
End Point:

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